Whensoever a man desires anything inordinately, he is presently disquieted within himself

– Thomas A Kempis

PEACEWe are at peace when we cherish the gits of the present moment.  And gratitude for the moment enhances the value of what is to come next.  When we take our focus off the present, longing only for another time or place or experience, we'll never reap the rewards that offer themselves to us moment by moment.  The longing heart guarantees little peace, infrequent moments of joy, and stunted growth.  The soul's nourishment is here, now, with these people who surround us and within these activities inviting our involvement.

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So few people understand the benefits of celebrating life as it's received.  Finding pleasure in the ordinary occurrences heightens our awareness that indeed, no occurrence is truly ordinary.  Every moment is special.

I can answer yes to today and all it offers, and be at peace.