What are the reasons that people give for taking Drugs?

People will say just about anything to make you cave into taking drugs . Hear their excuses and know the facts from the fiction.

If you work with Youth at all, always look for those moments when reinforcement of good, clean living is at its best: http://www.lifeatitsbest.org/workingyouth.html

NCCA_18644There are many reasons why some people start taking drugs. Many of these are social. But with the very first use, chemical changes occur in the brain that may lead to addiction. Drug addiction is a disease 1. And with every additional use, the user increases his or her chance of becoming addicted.

To help people better understand the science and facts about drug addiction, leading scientists in substance abuse at the National Institute on Drug Abuse recently published “Drugs and the Brain”.

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God Bless you,

Louise Westcott, NCCA Director