What a Gift

By Hope Ulch Brown

Messages of Hope CoverThirty two years ago, I happened into…

A 12 Step program of recovery,

I had been impacted by others addictions,

I was sad and had totally lost ME!

My 15 year marriage had ended,

My four children and I on our own,

I always had FAITH and knew I could count on,

MY GOD….that the way I’d be shown.


Little did I know that these awesome 12 Steps,

Were the road to serenity.

Going to meetings. sponsors and reading,

I discovered WHO I wanted to be.

These 32 years of following this path,

And the many who had gone before,

What a GIFT it has been that was given to me,

I’m so GRATEFUL I didn’t walk out the door!


The awareness and blessings and love that is found,

Among us… who were brought here by PAIN.

The transformations and miracles to behold,

From insanity to joyous and sane.

What greater GIFT could I ever have been given?

Than God lead me to the doors of these rooms,

Today I continue to apply what I’ve learned,

So, my life no longer contains “doom and gloom.”


God bless Bill, Dr. Bob…for their “divine inspiration,”

They’ve helped multitudes recover each day,

If we only but follow this SIMPLE program,

And GIVE UP doing things OUR OWN WAY!!!

So, I will be a LIFETIME member,

This way of living a TREASURE to me,

It gives me the tools to be SPIRITUALLY based,



Hope Ulch brown is a speaker, teacher, author and therapist.  Hope has 30 years of recovery in a 12-step group for friends & families of alcoholics.  In her ‘day job’, Hope owns a private therapy practice specializing in addiction and codependency offering individual and couple counseling as well as group therapy.  Previously, she worked as a therapist in a residential drug treatment facility after a career as a high school and middle school teacher.

To hear Hope speak at St. Ronald’s Parish in Clinton Township, Michigan on Sept 23, 2013 from 6:30-8:30 pm go to http://nccatoday.org/ai1ec_event/hope-for-addiction/?instance_id=


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