“We must hold the hand of the one in need,…

of the one who has fallen into the darkness of dependency”

– Pope Francis


Last week’s post focused on the Guest House annual Educational Conference and how the attendees were blessed with reflections and information from folks who have been down the road to recovery, sharing their valuable stories and inspiration.  Offering this annual time of information gathering and networking is so beneficial to our Church leaders.  Their recovery at Guest House restores them to their vocations and in turn they share their recovery journeys with their communities and those in recovery, nurturing the faith and dedication needed for a continued life free of addiction and rich in spirituality. 

In addition, fellowship through AA plays a part in their continued sobriety.  It was recently announced that the theme of Pope Francis’ first World Day of Peace message (Jan 1, 2014) will be “Fraternity, the foundation & pathway to peace”. The relevance of this theme to a life of sobriety is evident.   

Our current world scene is one ridden with alcohol and substance addiction problems that affect so many and reaching out to various groups of affected folks is crucial.  NCCA strives to spread this outreach and offers help to others who are instrumental in ministries that offer this assistance.

With the recent World Youth Day (WYD) in Rio de Janeiro, stories are plentiful about our Holy Father and his compassionate and inspiring leadership.  At Copacabana beach he shared, “Put on love and your life will be like a house built on rock, your journey will be joyful because you will find many friends to journey with you.”  What a wonderful message for all, especially our youth who are so impressionable.

In a working-class neighborhood of Rio, Pope Francis addressed a group of recovering drug addicts, offering them a message of compassion and hope as well as a call to self-determination. http://www.trentonmonitor.com/main.asp?SectionID=49&SubSectionID=156&ArticleID=5645

One final inspiration from our Holy Father:  Put on hope and every one of your days will be enlightened and your horizon will no longer be dark,”