Volume XLVII

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Volume XLVII – Proceedings of the 47th Annual Meeting, January 22- 25, 1996

Franciscan Renewal Center

Key Themes/ Highlights:

  • Spirituality:  The Journey of Recovery
  • Native Americans and Spirituality and Recovery
  • The Church addressing addiction

Table of Contents

Spirituality:  The Journey of Recovery Rev. Patrick T. Sullivan, SJ

Spirituality and Recovery Ernest Kurtz, PhD

Alcoholism/Addiction:  Is It Really a Disease? John W. Meiszner, MD

From Negativity and Isolation to Tolerance 

  and Fellowship:  Descriptions of the Journey Msgr. Terry Richey

Codependency and Recovery Xavier Lisieux

Native American Spirituality and Recovery Virgil Armstrong

Sharing of Recovery Experience Roderick K.

The Resurrection of Jesus and New Life Prof. Pheme Perkins


The Church Addressing Alcohol Problems Related to the Individual’s Health, Safety and Well Being Fr. William J. Clausen

Christian Leaders’ Summit on Prevention of Alcohol Problems American Council on Alcohol Problems

Opening Doors To People with Disabilities Nat’l Catholic Office For Persons with Disabilities


HMOs are Killing Alcoholics James E. Royce, SJ, PhD