Volume LVIII

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Volume LVIII – Proceedings of the 58th Annual Meeting, January 22- 24, 2008

New Orleans, LA

Key Themes/ Highlights:

-SAM- Substance Addiction Ministry

-Family and Addiction

Table of Contents

Addiction and Trauma:  Hope, Healing and Recovery Sandra L. Bloom, MD

From Human Alienation to Personal Integration Rev Stan Klores, STL, STD

Excerpts from Love First:  A Family Guide to Intervention Jeff Jay and Debra Jay

Recovery from Sexual Addictions – Just Love Bro. Jim Zullo, FSC, PhD

The Family and Addictions Teresita Calero, LMHC

Spirituality and Recovery from Addiction Sr. Mary Ellen Merrick, IHM

Establishing a Parish Substance Addiction Ministry Erik Vagenius, MHS

Sharing Our Story Lights the Way Rev. William Clausen

Excerpt from Volume LVIII – Proceedings of the 58th Annual Meeting, January 22- 24, 2008

New Orleans, LA

The Family and Addictions Teresita Calero,

Chemical dependency fosters worry, shame, fear, secrecy; it may lead to self-blame, with wondering if, preoccupation with “is there something wrong with me?” The natural consequences of addiction cause pain, without these the addict will not find the motivation to change.  Family members need to get out of the way of the pain and allow the addict to experience the consequences resulting from the pain.  As hard as it is to stand back and allow someone we love to suffer, if we take away their pain, the motivation to change goes with it.  It is imperative to not cover up, make excuses, or in any way shield the addict from the natural consequences of their behaviors.  We cannot allow ourselves to take responsibility or feel guilty for the addict’s behavior; it will only erode our own being.

A family bombarded by the destructive forces of addiction, experiences betrayal, the using member disconnects from relating to the family preferring a relationship to a substance or experience.  This process of disconnection from the family members disintegrates the fiber of the family, this type of leaving creates a profound wound and its members begin to protect themselves and each other…