Volume LI

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Volume LI – Proceedings of the 51st Annual Meeting, June 15- 18, 2000

Jesuit Retreat House, Cleveland, OH

Key Themes/ Highlights:

  • Old Wine, New Wineskins
  • Sr. Ignatia and Addiction and Recovery

Table of Contents

NCCA- Alive with Hope Dr. Doris Amaya

Panel:  All Those Who Minister:  “Networking” Sr. Mary Persico, IHM, Mrs. Mary   Costello and Mr. Richard Frisch

Youth 2000 Mr. Tom Delegatto

The Power of Story Fr. Gavin Griffith, OFM

Does Your Message Have Wings? Sr. Ignatia, AA and Women Religious Ms. Mary Darrah


The Take Charge! Program as it is used in the Diocese of Lansing, MI

An excerpt from the Report of the Bishops’ Committee on Priestly Life and Ministry, “Recommendations and An Enquiry About Alcoholism Among Catholic Clergy

An interview by Bill Moyers with Alan I. Leshner, PhD on the Nature of Addiction

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An Editorial and Article from the Summer Issue 2000 of “Aware News” of the Erie County Council on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, Inc.  Latvian Trip, Jack Irwin