The Importance of Family History and Watching for Signs and Symptoms

GH4People with low beta-endorphin levels in their brains are more susceptible to the disease of addiction. Addiction is hereditary, and children of addicts are born with lower beta-endorphin levels. That’s why it’s important to educate our children from a very young age about the disease of addiction and how important it is to know about their family history and if necessary, awareness about what behaviors can lead down this road that quickly spins out of control.

In an adult brain, defined as a brain that’s 24 years or older, there are really only three things that are likely to cause a profound personality change in someone. These are:

  • substance abuse or chemical dependency*
  • mental illness
  • physical ailment, such as a brain tumor

Mind you, this isn’t the same as watching a person get a little down in the dumps, or go through a period of anxiety. Profound personality changes are much more extreme. If you witness this, it’s advised to reach out to a professional for guidance and counseling on how to address your loved one.

Go to the previously posted article that addresses signs of addiction for more information that can help you decide if this is what’s going on.