Spirituality in Recovery

by an NCCA Supporter

LEt GodSpirituality may be looked upon in terms of relationships. How do I relate to others? To my God/Higher power? How do I feel about myself?  In addiction, all relationships are diminished.  If I don’t feel good about me, I don’t interact well with you.  An active addict feels empty.  There’s a “hole in my soul.”  The addict is always looking for relief in the addiction.

With addiction there is no freedom.  There is only a negative way of relating. One lives in fear of being “found out,” of having to live without the “fix.”

With recovery the addict begins to discover what it is in his/her spirit that needs to be freed up.  The person begins to practice taking risks, being vulnerable, and talking about “secrets.” 

As recovery progresses, the addict may notice that fear is being replace by faith; dishonesty with honesty; closed mindedness with an openness to life; self-pity with gratitude and resentments changing to acceptance.  Shame begins to lessen.

The transformation that takes place in recovery is always about “letting go.”  It is a call to live in the present.  It is the discovery that one possesses all one needs to become his/her true self.  Relationships are healed.  Gratitude grows.  One’s recovery is gift.  One’s responsibility is to take care of that gift, “one day at a time.”