Lord Help Me…. By Hope

Hope-Ulch-Brown-238x300Hope Ulch brown is a speaker, teacher, author and therapist.  Hope has 30 years of recovery in a 12-step group for friends & families of alcoholics.  In her ‘day job’, Hope owns a private therapy practice specializing in addiction and codependency offering individual and couple counseling as well as group therapy.  Previously, she worked as a therapist in a residential drug treatment facility after a career as a high school and middle school teacher.

I had the privilege of hearing Hope speak this morning.  She has a gift for helping people see the truth.  To quote her…”Pain doesn't come from changing.   Pain comes form the resistance to changing.”

From her inspirational blog, www.dailymessagesofhope.com, I share the following:

Lord help me to change to let go of “my way

and help me to live and BE for today.

Help me to know who I am, how I feel;

I don’t want to pretend, but be open and real.

Help me to overcome trial and pain,

and look for the good, changing losses to gain.

Help me to reach out and ask for my needs,

and through my mistakes, I’ll know what to head.

I can’t change my past and tomorrow’s not here;

If I work on today, I’ll have nothing to fear.

I’ll let go of the guilt, put behind all the sorrow

and not be concerned for the things of tomorrow.

I can’t CONTROL others, or how they will be;

Please give me the strength just to take care of me.

I’ll learn how to love and FEEL and be fine,

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by walking with you “one day at a time!”