Join us for a day of Education and Inspiration – October 7, 2013

Immaculata workshop

Across the United States, the problems of alcoholism and other drug addictions continue to take their toll on the health and very lives of individuals and families of all races, cultures and beliefs. In Catholic parishes in every state, priests, women and men religious, brothers, deacons, lay ministers and parishioners are seeing that these problems are so often the cause of family grief, family conflicts, lost jobs, destroyed marriages, children experiencing school problems and health problems. There is a growing interest and commitment by many Catholic parishes to address these addiction issues.  One way to begin tackling this daunting task is to create strong “parish out-reach ministry” programs.

The National Catholic Council on Addictions (NCCA) is working to help priests, women and men religious, brothers, deacons, lay ministers and parishioners by serving as a resource center of information for all of these parish ministries.  The mission of NCCA is carried forth as a service of Guest House, a premier addiction treatment center for Catholic clergy and men and women religious.

NCCA reaches out to people who are afflicted or affected by addiction, offering educational and spirituality resources.  One of our services is to offer educational workshops that focus on Addiction 101 topics such as the Medical Aspects of Addiction, Family and Addiction, Addiction Resources and How Spirituality Affects Addiction.

Please consider joining us for this upcoming workshop at Immaculata.  Click Here for more details and to register.